A downloadable game for Windows

An epic action adventure metroidvania through a strange and mysterious animal kingdom beautifully illustrated by Lizzie Steele herself!

Immerse yourself for about an hours worth of constantly changing and refreshing content to play through; including 2 boss fights, a whole range of enemies and 5 different areas to explore.

If you like Hollow Knight you'll love Apothalypse!

Already played the demo?...

Consider helping us out by partaking in this feedback survey: https://forms.gle/6MV4srKnDyUpyHj47

Or, join the sub-reddit to get frequent updates and become part of the Apothalypse commmunity: https://www.reddit.com/r/Apothalypse/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GIACgames

This is an ongoing passion project we work incredibly hard on so any steps you take (including playing the demo) is greatly appreciated :)

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Updated 16 hours ago
Published 8 days ago
StatusIn development
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure
Tags2D, apothalypse, Metroidvania

Install instructions

*Extract the zip file you have downloaded (Right click on the zip file (if you can't find it you may be inside of it) and click on 'extract all')

*In the new folder that will have been created, run the Apothalypse.exe file

*You may get a pop up from windows warning that this could be a virus (you'll have to take my word for it that it's not, this is the same warning you will get for pretty much any .exe file you try to run)

*You can use the mouse to navigate the menus but I recommend using WASD and Spacebar

*Enjoy :)


ApothalypseDemoV1.1.zip 136 MB


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hello there,

this looks like a really cool and lovely game. when i try to run it (on Windows 10), i am able to see the title screen and hear the music. as soon as i select a new save file and try to actually start playing the game, my entire screen goes black. the music continues to play, and i can hear some sound effects. i can also push escape hear a sound like a menu is coming up. i even figured out how to navigate down the menu and exit without being able to see anything. but the screen stays black. any ideas what the problem might be?

Hmm sounds like a problem we had a little while back even though I thought we fixed it, but thanks for letting us know! If you'd be so kind could you elaborate a little?: how powerful would you say your computer is? 

You'd be doing me a massive favour if you could open up the game's files and go to this directory:  ApothalypseDemoV1\Apothalypse_Data\StreamingAssets and tell me if you see a folder there called SaveFiles and if so what is in it?

No pressure if you can't, thanks for letting us know either way :)

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of course! looks like a cool game and i'd love to help. i am running it on a lenovo ideapad 3(? i think) that i just bought last year. it has an AMD ryzen 3 processor with Radeon graphics, so i don't usually have problems running other unity games. when i navigate to that directory, it is empty. hope that helps! oh, and also, i tried deleting the game folder and the .zip folder, downloading and extracting it again, and that didn't seem to do much.

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This is the first game i played here from itch.io, and it's awesome.

The art attracted me right way, especially because it looks like the original artwork from alice's adventures in wonderland, that i find beautiful.

I was engaged for the full 1h30 in wich i played through the demo. I had fun, and was curious about the history.

Some things to say about combat, little and very few bugs found and some tweaks to be done at odd interactions, i think. All of that, more especifically, i related in the feedback survey,

Apart from these little things, the game is really good and i see great potencial in it to be developed further into an amazing experience.

Keep up the good work! :D

I will follow you guys in Twitter. Hope to see new things soon.

Stay well.

Thanks for the feedback and the completing survey! Really appreciate your kind words and support :)

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Really loved this game. Combat needs some work, i dont like being able to brute force spam jab every enemy with little to no consequence. But left most of what I think in the feedback survey. Cant wait to see where this game goes.

Thanks for the feedback and doing the survey that's awesome! I'm certainly going to do some more to the combat system because I don't want people being able to do that either. Thanks so much! :)

Hi, I noticed in the survey you said that the path to get back to the Toad King should be easier. I just wanted to check if you noticed the elevator at the top of the tower? Is it still too annoying to use or was it not obvious it could be used to get back up?

yes i did use that, and it helps for sure. but its in the middle of quick sand and 2 wasps. which was a little annoying and broke up the sequence between the bossfights. also there is no clear indication of where the elevator drops down to. 

Sorry for the late response but thanks, I'll make sure to sort that out :)

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Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it with you, hopefully it is useful to you :)

-I really think that the story in the game is really engaging and awesome, it got me at the begginning very off guard.

-Visually the game could be a little bit improved as some details end up being a little bit blury, but in general the visuals on the game are pretty amazing.

-The gameplay mechanics are very good, solid and fun to use, especially the ones related to platforming.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thank you this helps a ton! I'm glad you like it, and yes I will subscribe :)


You are welcome ^^, thanks for subscribing :D


Amazing Game! I loved the visual style and the classic soundtrack of the game. Kudos to you and keep it up!

Thanks so much for the feedback and the article! This is really useful since there is actually a controls configuration but I now know it needs to be more clear. Plus the "hare" is supposed to be a squirrel but that's fine lol. Really appreciate all of this thanks! :)